How to Choose a Natural Gas Provider

 1. At Your Service

In Georgia’s deregulated natural gas market, you have the freedom to pick the natural gas marketer of your choosing. So, your first step should be to determine which marketers provide natural gas service in your area. As a leading natural gas company in Georgia since the beginning of deregulation in 1998, SCANA Energy serves homes and businesses connected to natural gas pipelines across the state, which are owned and maintained by Atlanta Gas Light (AGL).

2. Great Rates

Choosing a marketer is only part of the puzzle—you also have to choose the right rate plan for your needs. Like SCANA Energy, most natural gas marketers in Georgia provide two kinds of natural gas rate plans: variable and fixed. A variable rate plan doesn’t require a contract and has a fluctuating therm price that could change from month to month. Prefer more predictability with your bill? A fixed rate locks in your natural gas per therm rate for a set period of time. In fact, SCANA Energy is the first Georgia natural gas marketer to offer fixed rate plans for a six-month term. Check out our competitive rates to find the best natural gas price for you!

3. More for Your Money

Your natural gas provider should come with some perks, including opportunities to save on your natural gas bill. SCANA Energy has many special offers, including discounts for seniors. We are also the first natural gas company in Georgia to provide a military discount. A great provider will put you first and deliver savings without sacrificing quality of service.

4. Happy to Help

It’s also important to examine your potential provider’s customer service offerings. For the best service, ensure the customer service team will be accessible, answer questions about your natural gas plan, and prioritize your needs. Life can be unpredictable, and the right natural gas provider should be friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and available to offer reliable support.

5. Committed to the Community

Your natural gas provider’s commitment to customers should also include giving back to their local communities. Since 1998, SCANA Energy has strived to make a difference in the lives of the customers it serves. As a company and as individuals, we volunteer time and donate funds and resources to support numerous causes, including education, energy assistance, environment, health, military and the arts. Through programs like our signature Homework Centers that fund programs at Title 1 elementary schools and partnerships with a wide variety of non-profit organizations throughout Georgia, SCANA Energy is dedicated to being a good neighbor.

Finding a solid natural gas provider should be quick and trouble-free.

When it comes to finding the perfect marketer, there’s no reason to settle for less than the best. The next time you’re ready to make a switch or sign up for SCANA Energy service, let our handy natural gas provider checklist be your guide.

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