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The graphic below can help you better understand your monthly bill. Simply hover over the icons to find out about the various components of your natural gas bill. You can also compare your actual bill to the graphic below. For additional details, you can get answers to common questions.

For more detail on AGL Pass-Through Charges, visit AGL's website Guide to Atlanta Gas Light Charges.

The above is a sample bill provided only to help explain your SCANA Energy bill. The current charges, total other charges, credits, usage, and other information on the sample bill are provided as an example, and in no way bear any relationship to the actual charges, credit, usage or other information on your SCANA Energy bill. Your bill will vary substantially from this sample, and the amounts on your bill will be different from this sample.

Account Summary

Brief summary of your account.

Message Window

Messages and reminders each month.

Gas Usage History

Graphical representation of your monthly gas usage and year-over-year usage/cost comparison.

Online Activation Code

You can use this activation code to register for online access so you can view your account and pay bills online.

Total Amount Due

Payment due date and amount due. Includes current charges, other charges or credits and any remaining balance from previous bills.


Dedicated Design Day Capacity: The amount of space reserved on the gas pipeline for you on the coldest day of the year. Recalculated annually, the DDDC is used to calculate your AGL Pass Through Charges.


Amount of gas you consumed, Usage (CCF), multiplied by the BTU Factor.

BTU Factor

Amount of heat energy in the gas is stated in BTUs. This number is multiplied by the amount of gas used (CCF) to calculate the actual energy supplied by the gas (therms).

Usage (CCF)

Actual gas you used during the current billing period, stated in hundreds of cubic feet.

Current and Previous

Most recent reading of your gas meter and the reading from the previous month’s bill.

Current - Previous = Usage (CCF)


Number of days in the current billing period.

0.9590 per Therm

Your current gas rate based on your selected rate plan.

Rate Plan

Your current rate plan.

Natural Gas Consumption Charge

Your current gas rate multiplied by the therms you used.

Customer Service Charge

Fixed monthly charge for maintaining and servicing your account.

AGL Pass-through Charges

Fee determined by your DDDC that all Georgia gas providers must collect on behalf of Atlanta Gas Light for the delivery costs, pipeline maintenance and meter reading services provided by AGL.

State & Local Taxes

Taxes are applied to the total amount of your bill and include state and local assessments.

Switching Fee

If you’ve switched providers in the past 12 months, AGL will charge a fee of $7.50 for each subsequent switch.

Cancellation Fee

If you switch providers before your contract term is up on our Fixed or FlexRate plans, you will be charged a $150 cancellation fee. This fee is waived if you are changing addresses, but remain a SCANA Energy customer, or if you are a low-income customer switching to our regulated services for the first time.