At Your Service: How to Find a Natural Gas Provider Near Me

Are you in the market for a home? Searching for a new apartment?

While you may be more concerned with square footage than therms, understanding whether your home has natural gas should be a major part of your purchasing decision. After all, natural gas is a clean burning, efficient energy source that fuels your home appliances – all while providing cost savings to your energy bills.

But how can you tell if your new house is already equipped with natural gas, or if you might be able to start using natural gas in your home?

Luckily, there are a few simple ways to find out how to begin using this valuable, cost-effective energy source.  

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Because natural gas is carried underground through a pipeline, it can be hard to tell whether a home uses it — and, if it does, which appliances are fueled by it. Here are the top four ways to sniff out whether there’s natural gas in the home:

  • Stove: This is one of the appliances most commonly fueled by natural gas, and also the easiest to diagnose. If you see a blue flame when you turn on the burners, you have a natural gas stove – and a home equipped for natural gas. An absence of flames means you probably have an electric range, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of luck. You may have natural gas in other areas of the home.

  • Water Heater: To answer the question, “Is my water heater gas or electric?” just remove the access panel on the side of your water heater and look inside for a blue flame (otherwise known as the pilot light). If you see one, you have a natural gas water heater – and a home equipped with natural gas.

  • Furnace: When it comes to energy-users, this is a big one – and natural gas heating can help lower your energy bills. To check if your furnace is powered by natural gas, look for a black iron pipe going into the bottom of your furnace. This is a gas pipe and indicates that you have a natural gas furnace.

  • Real Estate Listing: When homes that have natural gas are listed on the market, the seller will usually include that information in the home description (or specifically as a descriptor for the stove; check whether it’s electric or gas). After all, natural gas makes a home more valuable. Check your home’s listing or ask your agent for more information.
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My home is equipped for natural gas, but does SCANA Energy service my area?

Looking for natural gas companies that service your area? Our service map makes it easy to see if SCANA Energy services your area, and we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of natural gas service to customers across Georgia. If you give us a call or contact us online, we’ll be happy to help you out! We can start or transfer your existing natural gas service up to 90 days before your move date.

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How can I get natural gas at my house if I don’t have it?

To answer this question, you need a little background. Natural gas gets to your home through pipelines owned and operated by Atlanta Gas Light (AGL), and then SCANA Energy facilitates the process of getting that natural gas to your home. Through your natural gas provider, AGL also schedules turning your natural gas service on or off.

If you’re interested in connecting your home to natural gas, first check to see if you live in SCANA Energy’s service area by entering your ZIP code into our service map. If you’re in our service area but don’t have the infrastructure to use natural gas to fuel your home, you may be able to work with AGL to make it happen. If there is a natural gas main nearby, your home may be able to be connected to a service line free of charge. If there’s not, there is a possibility that a mainline extension can be installed for a fee. Contact AGL at 1-800-599-3770 to find out if you can connect your home to natural gas.

Now that you know the steps, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to start cooking with gas?

Our team can help you find more ways to save on your monthly bill, sign up for service and more. Call us at 1-877-467-2262 or contact us online to get started.  

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