Lower Your Gas Bill: Avoid Natural Gas Hogs

Household appliances consume as much as 20% of the total energy used in your home, so it makes sense to use them wisely. But not all natural gas appliances are created equal. Some are pigging out on far more natural gas than others. Do you know which ones? Play Natural Gas Hogs to find out! Click on the hogs hiding in your home and get energy saving tips for each one.


Natural Gas Hog #5:

Space Heater (18 therms/mo.)

They may be small, but their natural gas usage is BIG. And they’re an even bigger fire hazard. Experts say space heaters are involved in 79% of fatal home-heating fires.


Natural Gas Hog #4:

Water Heater (18 therms/mo.)

No one likes a cold shower, but you can keep your water heater from binging on your natural gas in two ways. First, adjust the peak water temperature to a lower (and, in some cases, safer) level. Here’s how. Second, if your water heater is not ENERGY STAR® certified, consider investing in one as part of an overall energy management plan.


Natural Gas Hog #3:

Vent-free Gas Logs (18 therms/mo.)

Vent-free, or “ventless,” gas logs are specially designed to burn clean with almost no exhaust, so they can burn with the damper closed. They use a considerable amount of natural gas, but the upside is almost all of their heat energy goes into the room rather than up the chimney.


Natural Gas Hog #2:

Vented Gas Logs (29.25 therms/mo.)

Vented natural gas logs produce exhaust, so they have to be burned in a fireplace that’s capable of burning real wood. You also have to keep the damper open when using them. Not only do they use more natural gas, but they also send most of their heat energy up the chimney versus into the room. So these logs are the real hogs.


Natural Gas Hog #1:

Furnace (100 therms/mo.)

No surprise, but your natural gas furnace is your biggest natural gas hog. That doesn’t mean you have to wear your parka indoors, but it does mean you can save big by using your furnace efficiently (see our guide to Thermostat Settings for Every Season), and by investing in a high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR® furnace.



You caught all of the gas hogs!

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NOTE: Therm usage estimates are based on system-wide average use by SCANA Energy’s residential customers. Water heater usage is based on a typical family of four in our residential network.

Now that you know which natural gas appliances are the energy hogs, hopefully you can slim down your usage, get help with your gas bill and be happier than a pig in the mud. If you’re looking for more innovative ways to lower your energy bills, here are 7 Ways to Cut Your Natural Gas Bill (That Your Parents Didn’t Tell You About).

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