FAQs: Billing and Rate Plans

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What are my payment options?

SCANA Energy makes paying your natural gas bill simple and convenient. Whether you prefer to pay online, by phone, via mail or in-person, SCANA Energy has a bill payment option for you.

  • Online: You can pay your natural gas bill digitally through your SCANA Energy online account. By connecting your checking account, savings account, credit card or debit card, you can schedule one-time or recurring bill payments. These payments will be posted to your account immediately, or within two business days if using a third-party bank payment. 
  • Mail: You can pay your bill via USPS with a check or money order. There is no fee associated with these payments, and all payments should be posted to your account within 3-6 business days. Payment Address is:
            SCANA Energy
            P.O. Box 105046
             Atlanta, GA 30348-5046
  • Phone: Call 1.800.450.9175 to pay your gas bill with BillMatrix. These one-time payments are posted to your account immediately and have a $3.50 fee per transaction.
  • In-Person: Prefer paying in person? SCANA Energy’s payment centers accept check, money order and cash (not credit card). To find your closest payment center, click here.

How do I read my gas bill?

Most natural gas bills are broken down into a few main categories: account summary, calculating gas usage, current charges, and your gas usage history. Check out our step-by-step guide for understanding your bill. If you’re a SCANA Energy customer, you can learn more and see a sample bill here.


What is an AGL Pass-Through Charge?

The AGL Pass-Through Charge is a charge from Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) for maintaining pipelines, delivering gas to your home, and reading meters. This charge is regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission and required to be passed directly on to the customer, no matter which natural gas marketer you choose. 


What is the difference between a fixed rate plan and a variable rate plan? How does this impact my natural gas bill?

Our customers are unique, so our plans should be, too. Whether you’re a short-term house renter or a long-time home owner, our fixed and variable rate plans are designed to give you the best possible option. 

Our variable rate plans do not require a contract, meaning the price per therm will change month-to-month, fluctuating with the current gas market.

If you like to rest easy knowing your price won’t vary from month to month, our fixed rate plan is for you. This plan locks in the price per therm for the length of the contract, allowing customers to budget for their natural gas bills each month and mitigate the risk of any marketplace fluctuations. SCANA Energy offers fixed rate plans for 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36 months for the greater Atlanta area.


Why is my natural gas bill so high this month? 

While there are multiple factors, your natural gas bill is primarily determined by how much natural gas you’re using. Your usage can vary by the season, so check out the average therm usage per month in Georgia to understand how seasonality can impact your bill.

Even if you have the heat turned off, you may still be using natural gas in a few ways:

  • Water heater: If you have a natural gas water heater, taking warm showers will burn therms.
  • Oven/Gas range: If you use a natural gas oven or range, you’ll burn therms while cooking, no matter the season!
  • Dryer: Your dryer may run on natural gas, and clean clothes never go out of style.
  • Grill: Some grills are fueled by natural gas, so you could be burning therms during cookouts.

Your natural gas bill will also include an AGL Pass-Through Charge, which is passed on directly to the customer no matter which gas marketer you choose or how much natural gas you used that particular month.


Which months can you expect to use the most natural gas?

As the weather cools down, you may find your natural gas bill rising. Why? Many appliances that use natural gas – including fireplaces, water heaters and furnaces – are used more frequently during the colder months. This means that the average Georgia resident burns the most natural gas in the winter, with usage peaking in January.

Does SCANA Energy offer any discounts?

Absolutely! We love helping our customers save, whether through bill credits, gift cards, energy saving tips and more. Here are just a few ways you can save on your energy bill with SCANA Energy:

  • Senior Discounts: For senior citizens at and over the age of 65, we’re proud to offer discounts on our fixed and variable rate plans.
  • Military and First Responder Discounts: Did you know SCANA Energy was the first natural gas company in Georgia to offer a military discount? We’re committed to serving our military members, first responders, and their families. Learn more here.
  • Social Media: It pays to be a part of our online community. Keep an eye out on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages – you won’t want to miss our homeowner how-tos, energy saving tips and giveaways.

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Other questions? Call the SCANA Energy Contact Center at 1.877.467.2262 Monday through Friday from 7am to 8pm and Saturday from 8am to 5pm

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