What’s the Average Natural Gas Bill in Georgia?

If your home uses hot water, heat or even a dryer, you’re likely taking advantage of natural gas – and receiving a monthly bill for the amount you use. But how do you know if you’re paying too much, just about right or getting a steal of a deal?

There are many factors that influence your natural gas bill, including your rate plan and monthly usage, so one way to see if you might be paying too much is by comparing your natural gas usage (or the amount of therms you burn) to the average Georgian’s.

According to the Georgia Public Service Commission*, the average Georgian burns 717 therms of natural gas per year. Here’s how that breaks down for each month.

Avg Gas Usage-Chart

Keep in mind that average monthly therm usage varies with the seasons, look at your natural gas bills for the past 12 months. Did you burn significantly more or less than 717 therms in the past year?

My bills are higher, and I use more than the average therms per household annually:

If you find that you’re burning significantly more than 717 therms per year, the first step is to see if you can reduce your gas usage. Our GasWise blog is full of tips on ways to save energy and lower your natural gas bills. To get started, learn how to:

I use around the average therms per month, but my bills are still much higher than normal:

If your bills are significantly higher than average despite burning the same amount of therms, then you’ll need to pinpoint the reason why. Is it late fees? Mandatory AGL pass-through charges? Your rate plan? Learn the five common reasons why your natural gas bill may be high and what to do about them. 

Need more help understanding how your natural gas bill measures up? Our Customer Service team is eager to help online or via phone. We value our customers, and we’ll work with you to find the best natural gas plan for your home and family.

*Based on January-December 2019 Georgia Public Service Commission data

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