Save Energy With Smart Home Technology

“Smart homes” have earned their name for a reason. Just as natural gas appliances can increase your home’s resale value, smart home appliances can make your house more appealing – while also providing you with bottom-line energy savings. 

There are plenty of smart home devices to help every household find hidden energy savings. Whether you recently moved into a new home or are simply looking for ways to save on your next natural gas bill, we’re here to share SCANA Energy’s top five picks for smart home technology that will help you save money and energy. 


  1. Smart thermostats: Smart thermostats allow you to control your home’s temperature right from the palm of your hand by sending a wireless signal directly from your smartphone to your thermostat and HVAC unit. Some of these devices even have mobile apps that automatically set your thermostat to the right setting without even needing to be at home.
  2. Automatic window blindsWhile regular blinds have to be manually opened and closed, automatic blinds can be programmed to open and shut at certain times during the day. They can even shut automatically if they sense an increase in sunlight or temperature, reducing the amount of energy used by your HVAC unit in the process.
  3. Lighting: Have you ever left the house and wondered, “Did I leave the lights on?” If so, you may want to install smart home lighting in your house. Smart light bulbs can be turned on and off remotely. You can also adjust the brightness of bulbs in each room and set customized routines to fit your daily schedule.
    Pro tip: this is also a huge benefit when preparing your house to go on a trip, as you can schedule times for lights to switch on and off.
  4. Safety detectors: Contrary to popular belief, you need more than just a smoke detector to help protect your home. Installing smart home detectors can help alert you – even when you’re not home – to carbon monoxide, radon, and natural gas leaks that can threaten the health and safety of you and your family. 
  5. Smart air filters: Smart air filters don’t just trap pet hair, dust, smoke and unwanted airborne particles – they also monitor air flow through the filter. Bluetooth-connected sensors on the filters will alert an app on your mobile device when air flow is low, letting you know when your filter needs to be replaced. 

Feeling smarter already? Achieve top-level home safety and avoid energy hogs by turning your space into a tech-savvy home. 

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