Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Account Assistance

  • How do I access my SCANA Energy account online?
  • How do I contact SCANA Energy?


About SCANA Energy

  • What does SCANA Energy do?
  • What makes SCANA Energy different?
  • Does SCANA Energy offer natural gas service to both residential and commercial customers?
  • How does SCANA Energy support the local community?


About Natural Gas

  • What is natural gas?
  • What is a therm?
  • What are the uses of natural gas?
  • What are the advantages of natural gas?
  • What are the environmental impacts of natural gas?
  • How is natural gas delivered to homes and businesses in Georgia?
  • What does it mean to be in a “deregulated” natural gas market?
  • What's the average natural gas usage in Georgia?
  • What causes the price of natural gas to fluctuate?


Using Natural Gas in My Home

  • How do I know if my home uses natural gas?
  • Does natural gas improve my home’s value?
  • What are natural gas appliances?
  • I’m going on vacation. What should I do with my natural gas appliances?
  • What are the advantages of cooking with natural gas?
  • Which appliances use the most natural gas?
  • My natural gas water heater isn’t working. How can I fix it?


Natural Gas Safety

  • How safe is natural gas?
  • What natural gas safety measures should I take in my home?
  • What is a natural gas detector? Do I need a natural gas detector for my home?
  • What are the signs of a gas leak?
  • If I suspect there’s a gas leak inside or outside my home, what should I do?


How to Sign Up for Service

  • How do I know if natural gas service is available for my home or business?
  • How do I choose a natural gas provider?
  • How do I sign up for natural gas?
  • How can I switch natural gas providers?
  • I’m moving. How can I take SCANA Energy with me?


Billing and Rate Plans

  • What are my payment options?
  • How do I read my natural gas bill?
  • What is an AGL Pass-Through Charge?
  • What is the difference between a fixed rate plan and a variable rate plan? How does this impact my natural gas bill?
  • Why is my natural gas bill so high this month?
  • Which months can you expect to use the most natural gas?
  • Does SCANA Energy offer any discounts for my bill?


Energy and Money Saving Tips

  • What energy saving tips can I implement in my home?
  • How can I save money on my natural gas bill?
  • How can I save energy in the fall and winter?
  • How can I save energy in the spring and summer?


For My Business

  • What natural gas plans do you offer for businesses?


Other questions? Call the SCANA Energy Contact Center at 1-877-467-2262 Monday through Friday from 7am to 8pm and Saturday from 8am to 5pm. You can also contact uson Twitter at @scanaenergy Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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Rate Plan Availability

The highlighted counties are eligible for fixed rates, as certain rates are not available in all locations.*

Service Availability Map for Fixed Rates

*For further information regarding availability, please call 1.877.467.2262.