What's in the Pipeline?

On Christmas Day in 1855, Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) lit the first natural gas streetlight in Atlanta. It was the gift that kept on giving, and by 1881, the city boasted more than 400 natural gas-fueled streetlamps. Today, about half the homes in Georgia use natural gas as an energy source.

In the 1850s, natural gas probably seemed like magic. The truth is, more than 150 years hasn’t done much to demystify the novelty of a colorless, odorless gas that fuels a woodless fire. Luckily, SCANA Energy can offer you the facts behind the fuel.

You may wonder, where does natural gas come from? How does natural gas get to your home? And what is an AGL Pass-Through Charge? This infographic is your guide to the Georgia natural gas supply and the parties responsible at each step in the pipeline.


  • The pipeline is built and maintained by AGL. This means they provide the infrastructure that connects Georgia to the natural gas supply.

  • That supply is then distributed to natural gas providers like SCANA Energy.

  • Since AGL owns the pipeline, they are responsible for connecting your home to the system, in addition to ongoing maintenance, including reading meters, servicing pipeline issues and responding to suspected gas leaks and other natural gas emergencies.
  • Customers of all natural gas companies in Georgia pay an AGL Pass-Through Charge to cover these services.
SCANA Energy purchases natural gas for distribution to residential and commercial customers. Our role in the pipeline includes:
  • Offering competitive rates for natural gas service
  • Billing usage recorded by AGL for our customers
  • Providing customer service regarding billing, usage, service or other natural gas questions to our customers

Check out the infographic for all the details and a little pipeline history. And remember, if you still have questions, SCANA Energy Customer Service is always here to help.

Watch this video to learn more about AGL:


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