SCANA and the Atlanta Dream Provided Food and Inspiration for Lost-n-Found Youth

Oct 30, 2023, 09:53 by Caralin Stepp

On Friday, October 27, SCANA Energy worked with the Atlanta Dream to provide food and inspiration for kids from the Lost-n-Found Youth Foundation.

Staff members from SCANA Energy and the Dream gathered at the Lost-n-Found Youth Thrift Store in Atlanta to set up drinks and snacks for the program kids to choose from upon arrival. Everyone gathered in a meeting room for introductions and an overview of the days’ activities.

Things kicked off with a discussion panel with LGBTQ+ members of the Dream staff, who inspired the kids with their success stories. Everyone took a break for lunch from Sweet Green before coming back together for a creative project. The Dream passed out vision boards and gave the kids examples and ideas for putting together their own visions for their future. Everyone got markers and stickers to use to let their creativity shine. The kids really enjoyed the project and many stayed late to continue working on their vision boards.

When it was time to go, the kids each got a bag with some swag from the Dream before going “shopping” for as many snacks as they wanted from SCANA.

We are happy to have had another opportunity to work with Lost-n-Found Youth and we’re proud to have the Atlanta Dream as a partner.

To learn more about Lost-n-Found Youth, visit

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