Organization of the Month: Fathers Incorporated

Jun 18, 2023, 09:00 by Caralin Stepp

In honor of Father’s Day, SCANA Energy donated $5,000 to Fathers Incorporated (FI), a not-for-profit organization promoting healthy father involvement with children, regardless of status or location. Fathers Incorporated works with political, legal, and business leaders to change the societal and cultural definition of families to be inclusive of fathers.

Since 2004, FI has worked to engage, equip, and empower fathers and families. The organization focuses on supporting fathers so they can, in turn, support their children. They offer social and emotional well-being support, resources like children’s books and documentaries, and a variety of programs for fathers to better connect with their children. Some of these programs include the Million Fathers March, Real Dads Read, and the Daddy Diaper Drive. Learn more about the incredible work Fathers Incorporated accomplishes at

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