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Choosing a Natural Gas Marketer

Choosing the right gas marketer is an important decision. Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) provides this list of important questions to ask any marketer before making a decision. Here are our answers to those questions. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-877-467-2262.

General Questions

Does the Georgia Public Service Commission certify you?
Do I have to sign a contract?
Only on fixed rate plans. Our variable rate plans require no contract.
If so, what are the terms and length of the contract?
We offer 6, 12 and 18 month fixed rate plans to meet your needs.

Customer Service

Whom do I call for questions about my bill?
Please call SCANA Energy toll-free at 1-877-467-2262.
Do you have 24-hour customer service? If not, what are your customer service hours?
Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 7AM to 8PM and Saturday, 8AM to 5PM.
What is your bill-dispute policy?
If you have a bill dispute, we have 30 days from the date the error is reported to correct the billing error or to show proof of why the bill is correct.
Do you have local walk-in offices?
We have more than 100 payment centers where you can pay your bill in person. If you have a specific question about your bill or service, please call our customer service line at 1-877-467-2262.
Whom do I call if I have trouble with service?
Here’s a listing of who to call and when.

Charges and Billing

Will I be charged a deposit or upfront costs?
Based on the results of your credit check, you may be assessed a deposit up to $150. Your deposit, plus interest, will be refunded to your account if you've paid all bills in full and on time for six consecutive months. We do not charge any upfront costs.
What are your pricing terms?
Variable prices are subject to change on the 5th of every month. The price is calculated using the rate in effect on the first day of the billing cycle. Fixed rate prices are set for the duration of your contract based on the fixed rate price on the day you sign up.
What are your rates? Are they fixed or do they vary?
We offer fixed and variable rate plans. See all rate plans.
What are your payment terms?
We will invoice you monthly. Payment is due by the due date or a $10 or 1.5% late charge, whichever is greater, will be applied to unpaid balances of $30 or more.
When and how often do you bill?
A billing cycle is approximately one month, but the actual number of days in each billing cycle may vary.
Will I be charged if I switch marketers?
If you are on a fixed rate and switch to another marketer before the end of the term, you may be charged an exit fee of up to $150. We will pay up to $50 of that fee if you switch to us. You will also be charged a $7.50 fee by AGL if you switch marketers more than once during a 12-month period.
How often can I change marketers?
As often as you like, but you may incur fees. See above.

Other Services

Do you provide a budget payment plan?
Yes. Find out more about Budget Billing.
Can I pay my bill online?
Yes. Get your bill online and go paperless when you sign up for online account access.
Can I pay automatically from my bank account?
Yes. Learn more about automatic monthly payments.
Do you offer discounted rates for seniors?

Yes. We offer special rates for our customers who are 65 and older.

Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) also offers a discount to seniors 65 years of age or older, with a fixed income of less than $14,355 per year. If you meet the age and income requirements, please complete the form below to receive up to $14 off of AGL’s monthly charges.

AGL Application for Senior Discount