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How can I get a rate quote?
If your business uses fewer than 3,000 therms per year, you can view your rate options online or call 1-877-467-2262.

If your business uses more than 3,000 therms per year, you can get a customized quote from our commercial and industrial service team. We can provide rates tailored to your specific business needs.
What options do I have for paying my monthly bills?
The fastest, most convenient option for bill payment is to access your account online. We also offer additional payment options for businesses, including automatic monthly payments and credit card payments.
What are the AGL Pass-Through charges on my bill?
Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) owns the natural gas pipeline system. The charge for the use of that system appears on your monthly gas bill as AGL Pass-Through charges. No matter which gas marketer you choose, these charges are passed directly on to the customer, as regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission. Find out more about how the Georgia gas market works.
What is a DDDC factor and how is it calculated?
The Dedicated Design Day Capacity (DDDC factor) is a calculation that identifies how much pipeline space is needed to serve your location on your peak usage day. It is calculated by AGL based on the historical and potential usage at a particular location and reviewed annually.