We're proud to support projects that protect our planet.


Close to home and across the globe.

With our Cleaner Energy Program, SCANA Energy is supporting projects that work to reduce greenhouse gases. Our customers’ contributions go a long way toward neutralizing our impact on the environment. 

Wolf Creek Landfill

Located right here in Georgia, the Wolf Creek Landfill project works to capture the harmful methane created by decomposing waste and uses it as fuel to produce energy.

How this helps

This project is improving the local air quality and has created enough electricity to power 1,650 homes. The amount of harmful gas that has been captured and turned to clean energy is the equivalent of removing 22,700 cars from the road.


Dalton Whitfield Landfill

Located in Dalton, Georgia, the Dalton Whitfield Landfill project collects, compresses, dehydrates, and transports gas from the landfill to a nearby boiler to offset the use of natural gas.

How this helps

The Dalton Whitfield Landfill removes around 47,600 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. This project will do a lot of good for the environment over the 15 years of its contract.


Other Supported Projects

Hillborough County and Lee County Waste to Energy

Located in Tampa and Fort Meyers, FL, respectively, these facilities also capture the heat/methane created by burning solid waste to generate electricity.

How this helps

Each of these facilities burns more than 1,800 tons of garbage per day and produces enough energy to power 36,000 homes.

Dempsey Ridge Wind Project

This Oklahoma-based project has installed 132MV of renewable energy.

How this helps

The Dempsey Ridge Wind Project provides enough clean energy to power 46,000 homes, and reduces the amount of CO2 harming our planet by almost 339,000 metric tons.

Afognak Forest Carbon Project

In Afognak Island, AK, the Afognak Forest Carbon Project prevents carbon emissions by protecting 8,200 acres of forest from logging — that’s enough space to fit the Braves Stadium over 500 times.

How this helps

The expected carbon dioxide reduction from this project is 1.2 million metric tons, which is the equivalent of taking 256,900 cars off the road.

The Envira Amazonia Project

This project based in Acre, Brazil is working to protect up to 50,000 acres of tropical rainforest to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

How this helps

Over 10 years, this project will eliminate around 12.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent of taking over 2 million cars off the road.

Solar Power Project by Mytrah Energy

In India, the Solar Power Project by Mytrah Energy is working to reduce dependence on fossil fuels by installing 372MW of renewable energy.

How this helps

The project generates enough clean energy to power approximately 242,000 homes.

Coffee County Landfill

Located in Coffee County, Alabama, the Coffee County Landfill project utilizes a system of 48 vertical wells to extract harmful landfill gas (mainly methane) and then burn it which turns this harmful greenhouse gas into a 99.9% clean emission.

How this helps

This project reduces the landfill's impact on local air quality and helps to mitigate more than 16,500 metric tons of landfill methane. This project is also in the process of constructing an RNG production facility that will turn harmful greenhouse gases into deliverable natural gas for local businesses and homes.

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