SCANA Energy for Kids: A Natural Gas Safety & Adventure Book

From warming your water to cooking your dinner, natural gas is an essential element of your home. In fact, it’s practically a part of your family! But do your children know the ins-and-outs of this important resource?

In this one-of-a-kind publication for kids, SCANA Energy breaks down where natural gas comes from, what it does for your home and why it’s important to be careful around this fuel.  

Don’t believe us? Take it from our teacher, Therma:

“Hello -- Take a seat; pretend you’re in class.

I’m here to teach you about natural gas.

It may sound silly, but it’s actually true:

Natural gas does a lot for people like you!

From cooking to cleaning, there’s a lot to know –

So download and fill out the activity book below!”

Coloring book pages_DB4_with social post[1]

Click here to download:
SCANA Energy's Naturally Awesome Guide to Natural Gas 

You’re never too young to start learning about natural gas safety, so share this with all the little (and big) loved ones in your life!


SCANA Energy is proud to support Georgia children by providing helpful resources, such as funding SCANA Energy Homework Centers and donating to local non-profit organizations. For more information about SCANA Energy’s commitment to our local communities, visit

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