Heat for Heroes: Supporting Military Families

SCANA Energy partners with United Military Care, Inc. (UMC) to provide heating assistance to Georgia’s military families.  Last year, we featured two families helped by UMC and challenged our Facebook community to drive a matching goal of $5,000. SCANA Energy was pleased to be able to donate $10,000 to ensure these military heroes stayed warm in the winter when they needed help with their natural gas bills. Read on below for more information about the families we featured.

Meet the Carpenters


Kevin and Ashley Carpenter were married in 2006 and have made it through several deployments since then. They have two sets of twins: Nicholas and Elliott, and Dakota and Brettley. All four children were born prematurely and spent a combined total of 38 days in the NICU.

Kevin was recently medically retired from the Army for a traumatic brain injury and PTSD from his injuries sustained while deployed. Kevin continues to seek treatment and therapy with regular appointments that require travel back and forth between Georgia and South Carolina. Ashley is now a Veterans Affairs (VA)-appointed caregiver for Kevin in addition to her role as a stay-at-home mom.

Days for this family of six are filled with love and laughter in their loud, little house in Georgia. They are so grateful for their many blessings they have been given despite all the curve balls life throws at them!

Meet the Shavers


This family of five – Eric, Jodi, Sadie (7), Charlotte (4), and Grayson (3) – has already experienced two deployments, totaling 31 months, and is currently on a third. Eric has been in the military for 16 years, and it has not come without sacrifices. His first deployment was extended six months, causing Jodi to cancel their wedding that she had been planning for more than a year. He also missed his first child’s birth and wasn’t able to meet her until she was 3 months old.

While Eric is currently stationed out of Louisiana, Jodi and their children live in North Georgia so the children can experience stability and a great education. As a spouse of an active duty soldier, Jodi is responsible for many things – she pays the bills, does the laundry and the yard work, takes children to doctors’ appointments, and so on, leaving no time for breaks or sick days. When Eric is thanked for his service, he always tells them to thank Jodi, as he knows he couldn’t do the job he loves without his wife taking the burden of the "other stuff.” Jodi says she loves being part of a proud, military family!

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