2023 Year-End Round-Up: $60,000 in Donations to Local Georgia Charities

At SCANA Energy, we believe it’s important to support the communities we serve. One of the ways we do this is through our Organization of the Month initiative. Through the Organization of the Month program, we can highlight issues on social media in a meaningful way while garnering community involvement. By donating $5,000 to a different local charity each month, we’re able to help those in need and share information with our customers.

Each month, we look for an organization that aligns with our main focuses: children’s welfare and the environment. If you think your organization is a fit for a donation from SCANA, click here to apply for a grant. It has been an incredible way to learn more about issues in our community, get to know local philanthropists, and aid those in need.

Curious who we supported in 2023? Here’s a round-up of all of our featured organizations.


January – Live Healthy and Thrive Youth Foundation

Live Healthy and Thrive strives to teach children how to live healthy, balanced lifestyles to avoid future health risks. Their main goals are to grow the number of children enrolled in their educational programs each year and to build their Pinnacle Youth Foundation, which provides college scholarships for high school students.



February – Atlanta HBCU Alumni Alliance

The HBCU Alumni Alliance organization in Atlanta provides support for underserved students who are interested in attending HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). They also help HBCUs through scholarship fundraising, alumni reclamation, and student recruitment.



March – The Atlanta Women’s Foundation

The Atlanta Women’s Foundation provides funding and resources for other nonprofits that support low-income women and girls. They focus on three main issues — Economic Empowerment, Mental Health & Wellbeing, and Workforce Development — and use research on these topics to inspire strategies and advice for their non-profit partners.



April – EarthShare Georgia

EarthShare GA supports over 60 non-profit organizations that focus on air, land, and water issues. They have raised more than $6 million to help support non-profits across the state. Through these donations, organizations have been able to work on cleaning the Savannah and Chattahoochee Rivers, teach children about sustainability and conservation, give more land to the Georgia Wildlife Federation, and more.



May – Helping Mamas

Helping Mamas is a nonprofit distributing baby items and hygiene products to women and children in need throughout Georgia. The organization serves approximately 60,000 children a year and donates 2 million essential items to communities across the state.



June – Fathers Incorporated

Fathers Incorporated (FI) is a not-for-profit promoting healthy father involvement with children, regardless of status or location. Fathers Incorporated is working with leaders in politics, law, and business to change the societal and cultural definition of family to be inclusive of fathers. FI focuses on supporting fathers so they can, in turn, support their children. They offer social and emotional well-being support, resources, and a variety of programs for fathers to better connect with their children.



July – COR

COR is a non-profit that believes every student in Atlanta should have the support and tools needed to overcome structural disadvantages and flourish at school and beyond. To do this, they offer resources including the CORner Store, prevention training, and the HUB to students. These resources provide students and families with free food, clothing, and hygiene supplies, plus a safe space to go after school or to de-escalate during school hours. COR is currently located at the Carver S.T.E.A.M. Academy, but seeks to expand to more schools in need in the future.



August – Planned PEThood

Planned PEThood provides affordable veterinary care for Georgians, and rescues cats and dogs for adoption. They offer spay and neuter surgeries for pets at affordable prices, plus routine veterinary care like wellness exams, vaccines, bloodwork, microchipping, and more. These allow everyone to keep their pets healthy, regardless of income. In addition to making veterinary care more accessible, Planned PEThood also finds homes for animals. They work with local fosters to care for adoptable dogs and cats, which can be found on their website.



September – Helping Hands for the Deaf

Helping Hands for the Deaf is a non-profit that works to improve the lives of the Deaf community in Georgia. They use education, independent living skills, job training, housing, and more to help Georgia’s Deaf community thrive.



October – Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation

Since its foundation in 2001 by staff at Atlanta Cancer Care, ACCF has worked to alleviate some of the financial burdens that come with cancer care for patients and families in metro Atlanta. Patients use funds from the foundation to help with their transportation costs, rent/mortgage payments, utility bills, medical equipment, and treatment costs. The foundation also supports cancer education and research in the area.



November – Restoring One’s Hope of Atlanta

Restoring One's Hope provides food security Atlanta's unhoused population. Since its foundation in 2019, Restoring One’s Hope has provided over 9,000 free meals and hygiene products to the underserved in Atlanta. They also host community fairs in Atlanta where they partner with other non-profit organizations to provide food, clothing, toiletries, health screenings, and more to the unhoused population.



December – SCANA Energy Homework Centers

The SCANA Energy Homework Centers are after-school programs held at ten Title 1 schools around metro Atlanta. They receive homework help and learn skills to help them study, plus snacks and school supplies. We visit the homework centers with our partners throughout the school year for sports activities, STEM lessons, and more. This December, we’re matching all donations made to our homework centers and will donate at least $5,000.


We are proud of what we have done this year and look forward to continuing our community support in 2024. If you know of an organization that aligns with SCANA Energy’s focuses, please let us know!

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