How to Safely Light the Pilot Light on Your Natural Gas Fireplace

Temperatures have cooled and colorful leaves are everywhere, that means fall has officially arrived in Georgia. Many people are ready to get cozy by the fireplace to escape the autumnal chill. If you’re one of these people, you’ll first want to make sure your fireplace is ready to use. Once you’ve cleaned your natural gas fireplace, it’s time to light the pilot light.

What is a pilot light?

If you’re a new natural gas user, you’re probably wondering what a pilot light is. A pilot light, or a small flame that is constantly lit and used as an ignition, is found on many natural gas appliances. This includes the fireplaces in many Georgia homes.

Newer models are likely to have an electric ignition unit, meaning lighting the pilot light should be as easy as pressing one button. For others, you’ll have to locate the pilot light and light it yourself. This can be intimidating, so we’re here to make it easy (and safe) for you.

Graphic summarizing the steps below

  1. Turn on the gas.

    Make sure your fireplace is off, then remove the grate or decorative front to your fireplace and locate the gas valve and ensure it is on.

  2. Find the controls.

    Look for a knob with the words “On,” “Off,” and “Pilot.” Turn the knob to “Pilot.”

  3. Light the pilot.

    Next, you’ll hold down the control knob and press the ignitor button once per second until the pilot is lit. After it lights, stop pressing the ignitor button, but keep pressing the knob in for an additional 30 seconds before letting go. If this doesn’t work, wait a few minutes before trying the process again, gas may take a bit to reenter the fireplace depending on when it was last used. Once the pilot light remains lit, turn the knob to the “On” position.

  4. Turn on the fireplace.

    Now, using your fireplace is as simple as using your device’s on/off system. Make sure you put your grate or cover back in place and then start up your fireplace.

  5. Get cozy.

Your fireplace is ready to go. Grab some hot cocoa and enjoy sitting by the fireside.


Safety First

Lighting the pilot light on your fireplace is completely safe, but if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, you can hire a professional. Regardless of who lights the pilot, your fireplace should be set for the season once it’s lit.

If you suspect a leak at any time while relighting the pilot light or using your natural gas fireplace in general, leave the premises and call Atlanta Gas Light (AGL) at 877.427.4321.

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