Our Top Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Warm weather, blooming flowers and more daylight hours – what’s not to love about spring? The answer: spring cleaning.

No one likes chores, especially when those chores involve deep cleaning your entire home. That’s why SCANA Energy wants to make this season’s spring cleaning easier for you and your loved ones. Put a spring in your step while you tidy up your house with our four best spring cleaning tips:


  • Follow our spring honey-do list. From cleaning your gutters to changing your HVAC filters, our spring honey-do list includes seven essential tasks to get your home warm-weather ready. Plus, prepping your house for its spring debut doesn’t have to be lonely; get help from your honey or another family member to make these spring cleaning tasks go by more quickly.
  • Don’t overlook your oven. Your natural gas oven worked hard all winter, so a deep cleaning is well deserved (and let’s be honest, much needed). Using a dirty oven can also present major safety issues, so give yourself peace of mind by following this easy, chemical-free tutorial. An added bonus? You probably already have the cleaning items readily available in your house.
  • Drain your water heater sediment. Those May flowers aren’t the only things that need April showers! Keep your family fresh and clean — and help lower your natural gas bill — by draining the sediment in your natural gas water heater each year. This seven-step process is a simple way to save energy.
  • Make your stovetop sparkle. Excited for garden parties? Don’t let a dirty stovetop rain on your springtime parade. Not only are grimy natural gas ranges an eyesore, they also present potential fire hazards. Follow this simple, fume-free cleaning tutorial to have a natural gas stove as beautiful as the blossoms outside.

These spring cleaning tips will help give your home and natural gas appliances a fresh start in time for the change of season. Happy cleaning!

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