Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Natural Gas Leak Symptoms?

No one wants to think about anything that could harm loved ones, but it’s crucial to be proactive about home safety so you can keep yourself and your family safe. Even though gas leaks or pipeline incidents are uncommon, it’s important that you know what to do in a gas leak situation. From “what does a gas leak smell like?” to “how to detect a gas leak”, use this quiz to find out if you really know how to identify a gas leak and what to do in case one does occur.


SCANA Energy is committed to your family’s safety. If you suspect a gas leak, leave the premises. Once you vacate, call 911 or Atlanta Gas Light at 770.907.4231 (inside metro Atlanta) or 1.877.427.4321 (outside metro Atlanta) to report it.

Now that you’ve learned about the signs and symptoms of a gas leak and what you should do if you suspect there may be one at your home, it’s time to be proactive and learn how to implement gas safety at home, one room at a time.



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