Georgia Gas Company Assists Low-Income Families with Utility Bills

As the temperatures drop, many Georgians are forced to decide between paying utility bills, rent or purchasing food for their families – in fact, 40% of Atlanta families will have to make this decision this year.


That is when the organization Heating Energy Assistance Team, Inc. (HEAT) helps.

What is HEAT?

HEAT is an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that assists low-income Georgia residents, many of whom have an annual income below $10,000, with paying their energy bills. HEAT is Georgia’s oldest statewide fuel fund program and helps low-income households meet their energy needs through partnerships with energy providers, concerned citizens, state government and other organizations.

All HEAT donations (nearly $23 million since 1983) are distributed by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services.


How Does SCANA Energy Help?

SCANA Energy has provided more than $1 million in corporate donations during its 15-year partnership with HEAT.  They also offer an easy opt-in for customers to contribute on their monthly natural gas bills, a first among natural gas marketers in Georgia.

How Can You Help?

More than 97,000 Georgia families have received help with gas bills through HEAT funding over the past 33 years, which is made possible by people like you.

Donations can be made directly to HEAT online or via mail. All donations are tax deductible and every dollar counts toward keeping families warm this winter.

Rate Plan Availability

The highlighted counties are eligible for fixed rates, as certain rates are not available in all locations.*

Service Availability Map for Fixed Rates

*For further information regarding availability, please call 1.877.467.2262.