Natural Gas 101

If you’re new to the world of natural gas, you may have some questions. What are the uses of natural gas? What is a therm? What is natural gas? (Ok, maybe not that last one.)

Thankfully, your friends at SCANA Energy have developed a simple scientific equation that answers all of these questions while showing why natural gas is a better choice.

G/H + St = A

Hmm, maybe that’s not so simple. Why don’t you take a quick break to watch our friends at Whole World Improv Theater in the next video of our “Burning Issues” series, and we’ll get back to work after a few laughs.

Pretty funny, right? Now, back to that equation.

  • G is natural gas. Ok, maybe this won’t be so hard.
  • H is your home. What is natural gas used for in homes?
    • It pre-heats your oven quicker than electricity.
    • It gives you better control over your stove.
    • It heats up your water tank more efficiently, meaning more hot showers.
    • Best of all, natural gas is the cheapest way to keep warm in the winter. Like the video says, sweaters are lame.
  • S is the sweet rate SCANA Energy gives you. Check out our most up-to-date natural gas rates here.
  • T is therms. What is a therm? It’s a unit of heat energy equal to 100,000 British thermal units (BTU). Yep, the same BTUs as your gas grill. Therms are how we measure your natural gas usage before applying that super sweet rate.
  • A stands for awesome. We’ve crunched the data time and time again, and we always get the same answer.

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