Natural Gas: A Love Story

Is natural gas right for you? Do you love it? Does it love you? Will it stick with you through good times and bad?

OK, so choosing the right energy source may not be quite as complicated as dating. But what if natural gas was the “make or break” in our love lives? Two comedy actors answer that kinda silly question in this genre-switching first episode of “Burning Issues," a SCANA Energy video series shot with Atlanta’s own Whole World Improv Theatre.

It’s “magnifique.”

If you’re looking to swipe right on an energy source for your home, look no further. In a natural gas and electricity comparison, we feel confident that natural gas is the one you’ll take home to meet mom. Here are a few of the advantages of natural gas:

  • Eager to please – It takes about three times as much energy to produce and deliver electricity to your stove. Meanwhile, natural gas is ready and willing to quickly provide you with the heat you need, and will ask for nothing in return.
  • There for you - You might be wondering, “What is natural gas used for in homes?” Will this relationship be beneficial to me? Natural gas is always there for you, whether it’s to heat your stove, dryer, gas fireplace, water heater or grill.
  • Low maintenance – Not only is natural gas easy to maintain, but it’s cost-effective, too. Switching to natural gas can help you save on monthly energy bills.
  • Friends and family approved – There’s nothing worse than having a relationship your friends don’t agree with. No worries here; your BFFs will rave about the macaroni and cheese that natural gas helped cook for them.

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