Offering Discounted Service to Our Service Men and Women

Georgia is home to more than 70,000 active duty military personnel and almost three-quarters of a million veterans. For SCANA Energy, that means a lot of the customers that we serve have made the commitment to serve and protect our country. We proudly support our military families – active and retired – through our community relations work with a variety of not-for-profit organizations like the USO of Georgia. We also have an ongoing partnership with United Military Care, Inc., a not-for-profit committed to providing financial and service support to strengthen and provide for military families in Georgia. Through our Heartwarmers community volunteerism contest on Facebook, we have highlighted the work by our customers and donated to The Goodwill Guides and HeroBox, both of which have outreach programs that meet the needs of retired and active military personnel.

To show our true level of dedication, we have brought our support of military families to SCANA Energy with a military discount. While there are many natural gas companies in Georgia, ours was the first in Georgia’s natural gas market to introduce a military discount. To learn more about the special natural gas prices we offer to members of the military, check out this Discounted Rate Plans page. And while they save, we continue to give.

Rate Plan Availability

The highlighted counties are eligible for fixed rates, as certain rates are not available in all locations.*

Service Availability Map for Fixed Rates

*For further information regarding availability, please call 1.877.467.2262.