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Terms & Conditions

Effective Dates

Listed above are current residential rates, effective November, 05 2022. Prices expire December, 05 2022.


Service subject to credit requirements. You may receive an initial bill for less than a complete billing cycle or month.

SCANA Energy is not affiliated with The Home Depot. The Home Depot is not a sponsor of this program. eGift card will be emailed within 40 days of effective service date with SCANA Energy. Gift card cannot be mailed. Offer not available in all locations. The particular services described are provided by SCANA Energy and are not provided by the builder. Builder is not responsible for providing any of the particular services that are described, and they make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, as to the services, including, without limitation, any warranty of use, fitness of use, workmanship or quality. Builder will be paid a referral fee in connection with this service. Jar House trademarks shown are used with permission of Jar House LLC and/or its affiliates.

Fixed Rates

Your fixed therm rate will be guaranteed for the period of time you choose: 12, 24, or 36 billing cycles. Billing cycles average approximately one-month each. However, the actual number of days in each cycle may vary.

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Rate Plan Availability

The highlighted counties are eligible for fixed rates, as certain rates are not available in all locations.*

Service Availability Map for Fixed Rates

*For further information regarding availability, please call 1.877.467.2262.