Three Simple Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Table

We’re gobbled up with gratitude for each and every member of our SCANA Energy community all year, but particularly during the holiday season. That’s why we’re inviting you to pull up a seat to our holiday meals—or at least to share in our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. 

While we may not be chefs, we know the most important ingredient for every great meal: natural gas. After all, food prepared with natural gas cooks more evenly and efficiently. In fact, 98 percent of professional chefs agree—they prefer cooking with natural gas. 

Our own natural gas experts from the SCANA Energy team have crafted and perfected their holiday recipes for you to enjoy. Whether it’s pecan pie from Sandra in Customer Service or cranberry sauce from Chrissy in PR, our recipes are just like our natural gas plans—there’s a little something for everyone.  

So feast your eyes on these easy Thanksgiving recipes, and get ready to start cooking with your natural gas stove or oven.

Chrissy’s Simple Cranberry Sauce

From coordinating community events at our Homework Centers to arranging social media programs like Friendship Rewards, Chrissy from our PR department wears many hats (including a chef’s hat!)

Cranberry Sauce_Revised

LaToya’s Broccoli Casserole

Always armed with a smile and a can-do attitude, LaToya takes care of our customers as a member of our Customer Service department.  

Broccoli Casserole_Revised

Sandra’s No Fail Pecan Pie

Sandra is the fearless leader of our Customer Service team, aiding customers at every step in their SCANA Energy journey. 

Pecan Pie_Revised

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