The Secret to Cutting Your Business Costs

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We can’t help you with your commercial taxes or your lease negotiations. But, we can offer you over 100 collective years of commercial natural gas experience, and we can help you slash your natural gas costs – and push the savings to your bottom line.

Many businesses burn well over 3,000 therms per year. This can turn into thousands of dollars spent unnecessarily if you don’t know what to look for.

We’re prepared to share six secrets to negotiating a low natural gas contract – and we’re giving one of these secrets away right now. But don’t thank us yet. Read on and then download our free guide to see what you might be missing.


Often, a natural gas marketer’s quoted price-per-therm will seem too good to be true. Spoiler: it may be. That’s because natural gas marketers in Georgia can offer their commercial customers two types of natural gas pricing plans, known in the industry as “one-part” or “two-part” pricing. This small distinction can make a big difference on your actual costs over time. Here’s how:

  • One-Part Plan: This plan’s quoted price-per-therm bundles together something called the “Interstate Capacity Charge,” which varies based on your business.
  • Two-Part Plan: This plan separates the Interstate Capacity Charge as a separate line item, so while the price-per-therm may appear less expensive, it does not bake in that additional cost, which can be significant.

To accurately compare marketers’ price points, you need to calculate a true price-per-therm.

Let’s take this example: Your small restaurant burns an average of 700 therms per month. Marketer A is offering a one-part plan with a price-per-therm of $0.431, while Marketer B is offering a two-part plan with a price-per-therm of $0.386.

Marketer B clearly looks like the better deal, right? Not so fast. It turns out, there’s only a $3 price difference between these rate plans.

See the math for yourself to understand how this works – and unlock five other natural gas industry secrets – by downloading our free guide: Download “Six Questions to Cut Your Business Costs.”

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