Natural Gas Improv: So Wrong It’s Right

Check out the third installment of our “Burning Issues” series with Atlanta’s own Whole World Improv Theater. Comedians may not know much about natural gas, but they sure know how to make being wrong funny.

There are so many, er, “moments” in this sketch we hardly know where to start. But see for yourself, and then let’s break down a few of the finer points.

“OMG. Do not give this resolution up.”

We won’t. We promise. In fact, we should all resolve to be more energy efficient, right? Here are our 8 Ways to Save Energy to get you started.

“You’re beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the savings you get when you use natural gas.”

Wow. We’re blushing over here. The truth is, natural gas does save you money in a variety of ways. Many natural gas appliances cost less to operate than electric ones, because they heat more efficiently, and in many markets, natural gas is more cost efficient than other energy sources.

“We’ve got a wonderful chicken cutlet right there that I stuffed with porcini mushrooms.”

That sure sounds delicious. Everyone knows that serious chefs insist on cooking with natural gas. But why? It’s because the open flame heats instantly (versus waiting for electricity to warm up a coil, and who wants to wait when there’s a wonderful chicken cutlet to be had?). So you can control the temperature with more precision, and you can leave food on the stove after turning the flame off without overcooking, because the heating element cools so fast. It’s perfect for preparing the good stuff. Like stuffed chicken with porcini mushrooms. And maybe a red wine sauce…but we digress. And we’re hungry.

“We’ve got to crawl and find the natural gas in the earth. That’s where it comes from.”

As a natural gas marketer, we match customers with competitive prices and friendly and reliable customer service. We don’t actually bring natural gas out of the ground. But natural gas does come from “in the earth,” as every Kindergarten Cop will tell you.

“It’s abundant! It’s the most abundant!”

It’s true. Natural gas is one of the most abundant energy sources on the planet. Some sources say the United States already has discovered enough reserves to last another century. A healthy supply keeps natural gas prices down and ensures the average natural gas bill will stay low for years to come.

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