Harness the Power of Natural Gas: The Benefits of a Backup Home Generator

As storm season approaches, many have questions about home backup generators— their benefits, how they work, and how much they cost. Read on to learn more about natural gas backup generators, an efficient and reliable power solution for your home.


Why Choose a Natural Gas Backup Generator?

1. Reliable Emergency Power

Natural gas generators are designed to provide a continuous, reliable source of power during emergencies. When the electrical grid is down, your generator is up and running, ensuring you never lose power.

2. Enhanced Safety and Security

With a backup generator, your home's critical systems, such as security alarms and surveillance cameras, stay functional during power outages. This maintains the safety and security of your home, even when the power's out.

3. Preserving Food and Medications

During extended power outages, perishables and medications risk spoiling without refrigeration. A backup generator keeps your fridge running, ensuring your medications stay effective and your perishables don’t go to waste.

4. Comprehensive Power Coverage

Whole house generators power your entire home, providing electricity to all circuits and appliances. You can maintain a comfortable living environment and continue with daily routines throughout any situation.

5. Convenience and Automation

These generators are automatic. They start up when a power outage is detected and shut down when power is restored.


How Does a Natural Gas Generator Work?

Once installed by a professional, a natural gas generator automatically kicks in within seconds of a power disruption. When the main power supply is restored, it switches off and returns to standby mode, ready for the next power interruption.


How Much Does a Natural Gas Generator Cost?

The cost of a natural gas generator varies based on size, power output, and additional features. While the upfront cost may seem steep, the convenience, peace of mind, and potential savings during a power outage make it a worthwhile investment.

Professional installation is recommended for safety and compliance. Canter Power Systems, a trusted provider of home backup generators, can ensure your generator is installed correctly.

For a limited time, Canter Power is offering special financing with zero down payments to qualified buyers and includes a 10-year warranty.



Embracing energy independence with a natural gas backup generator means you're always ready for the unexpected. Schedule a free estimate with Canter Power Systems today and never worry about power outages again.


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